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Pipeco Africa Group GRP Water Tanks (Korea) is a specialized company engaged in the manufacturing and installation of a diverse range of water storage solutions, including HDG (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Water Tanks, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Water Tanks, Bolted Zinc Aluminum Steel Tanks, and GLS (Glass Lined Steel) Tanks. The company boasts advanced technology, and its commitment to quality is underscored by the attainment of ISO, WRAS (UK), and PSB (Singapore) quality certificates.

With a global presence in over 35 countries, Pipeco Africa Group is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing reliable and innovative water storage solutions. Remarkably, the company achieves a significant installation milestone, with one tank being completely installed every 24 hours. This rapid pace of installation underscores the efficiency and capacity of the company in meeting the water storage needs of diverse projects around the world.

As a leading force in the manufacturing and installation of GRP tanks and related products, our paramount focus is on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We are steadfast in our commitment to customer satisfaction, shaping our management and product development strategies around their needs. Continuous refinement of our services is a constant pursuit.

Embedded in our corporate ideology is the unwavering dedication to placing customers first, fostering trust, and driving technological innovation, quality enhancement, and overall improvement. Our customer-oriented approach emphasizes stringent quality management and environmental responsibility.

We earnestly seek your ongoing interest and support as we navigate this journey of sustainable growth and unparalleled service delivery.

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